Service :

For Service & related queries please contact 04224233636, mail Id

Warranty policy :

All the products listed in the Price list carry a warranty, against manufacturing defects for a period of 18 * months from the date of the Purchase.

Should the product prove to be defective due to faulty workmanship or otherwise, we will remedy the defect or replace the faulty parts or the whole product ar our discretion, as soon as possible, freeof cost.

The warranty is however subject to the provision of proper usage, efficient maintenance and does not cover defects arising out of fire,accident,inefficient maintenance, faulty operation and wilful or accidental damage.

It does not cover damage of electronic products, which fail predominantly due to over temperature & over voltage. The user needs to take adequate precautions to eliminate these conditions. The manufacturer shall not liable for any consequential loss, injury or damages attribute to defect or vfailure of its products.